National Moderation

This website is a free resource for Scottish teachers. The service is designed to encourage a culture collaboration and openness in Scottish education by providing assessment, exemplification and teaching materials for use in schools delivering the Curriculum for Excellence.

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In an effort to support the implementation of the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ the National Moderation website has been developed by teachers, for teachers. This service is not associated with Education Scotland, the SQA or the Scottish Government – rather, it is a community of Scottish teachers who are eager to discuss and share their assessment, exemplification and teaching resources for the new National 4 & 5 and Higher qualifications.

In essence, the ‘moderation’ offered by this service is crowd-sourced and dependent upon the professional knowledge of educators. In no way should National Moderation be seen as an attempt to replicate or replace the SQA’s own verification process – the philosophy behind this service is simply that teachers sharing their ideas and materials is a good thing and something to be encouraged.

Assessments submitted to the site will be held securely, and all members must be approved by an administrator – this approval will only be granted when administrators are convinced that potential members are practising teachers within the Scottish system (this will generally be achieved by provision of an official email address). Exemplification and Resources are available to anyone.

If you like the idea of this service please Register and submit your own materials – if we wish to build a truly world-class education system for our pupils then open, honest and supportive collaboration is perhaps the single most powerful tool at our disposal.           –           June 2014           –            –          @natmodscotland
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